2018 Survive & Thrive Kick-Off

Randy Greer with W.L Gary, kicked-off the 2018 Survive and Thrive class at the Plumbers Local 5 Apprenticeship School in Lanham, MD on Tuesday and Wednesday evening, presenting to a room of first and second year Apprentices on “The True Cost of a Man Hour”. Randy gave insight on all the ins and outs of the cost the comes with running a business along with the breakdown of the cost of a man hour within that company.¬† Classes for all Apprentices will continue for both Local 5 and Local 602 schools throughout the spring . Anticipated Graduations dates will be either in May or June. Specific dates are to be determined. To all the students in both programs, we cannot thank you enough for your hard work and determination to continue being the best in both Local 5 and Local 602 Unions.

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